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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hye girls!

Please do me a favor.

Drop your comment here about REVIEW of your SPANX/ASSETS.

Bad/Good both I accept.


It's very important for me, so that i can choose n sell only the best items.

Thank you! :)



sorry for late reply kerry ..^_^
so far yang sy pakai la, mmg selesa. part perut tu mmg rasa flat je pakai sbb walaupun kurus ttp ade isi perut yg kembung2 (atau lebih tepat kebuncitan) sket..hehehe..tp bile pakai ASSET sensational tu, mmg ia menutup kelemahan itu. ble pegang dkt perut tu mmg rasa licin jer permukaan ASSET tu..tp, kalau ade rezeki mmg ingt nk beli yg slimmer cami tu..tunggu cukup duit br nk order..insyaAllah ^_^

Khairiyah aka Kerry

thanks intan.
kery pun nk review

ok kery pakai ni:
ASSETS Unbelievable Underwear and Fantastic Firmer Cami.

utk underwear: ok la.suka pakai dgn skirt kery yg tak muat tu, haha.sbb bila pakai tetibe je skirt tu jd smooth.mmg instant slimming.n sbb kery tinggi bawah 154cm so die kaver perot.nn mmg terase keslimman di perot itu.tp satu tak suke sbb kery pun dh rabak.hahaha.mayb ganas sgt kot.so yg lapisan dalam dh koyak.

utk cami:mmg suke esp bab menguruskan perot n mengcover spare tyre kat badan ni..mmg terasa smooth ja.tp satu tak suke kene tight in, sbb lau biar atas suar die mcm tak kejap n tak terslim kat perot tu..

n rite now, i get myself in-line super higher power since banyak sgt positive review.so kery turunkan harga sbb ramai rase mahal bende ni..n u all tau kat luar ade yg jual 200++ ade yg cecah 400!!fuyoo.tp yg ni tak try lg, sbb tak dpt lg.hehe.tak sabar..


hi kerry .. i mg lmbt sgt check email kn? hahhaha should pakai bb or iphone or any android fon supaye blh cepat check email =)
btw i just wear spanx in-line super higher power for 2 days. 2 days ok nothing much can say if i wearing other product but i really fall in love with spanx when the 1st time i wear it. its like love at the 1st wear =)
sgt senang nk pakai x payah terloncat2 nk masukkn seluar tu. 1 more thing my officemate ask me y tibe2 paha i nmpk kecik skit. bile i ckp i pakai spanx n kasi die tgk die plk yg terus nk beli. kerry she will buy spanx from u end of this mth hahha.
will buy another spanx next time. maybe cami maybe 1 more in-line super higher power.
i love spanx and its very value for my money.


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