Easy Payment Plan (for pre-order items only)

You do not have to be worried if you think you cannot afford to buy SPANX. Because, for now on I provide an easy payment plan where you can pay in monthly instalment. Start with deposit payment for only RM50 and you can pay the rest in monthly instalment-depends on how long you need. However, the item will be post only after you finish the full payment :)


FAQ 1 : How to choose the best SPANX for you.

Simply follow these steps:

1)you need to know what is/are your problem(s) area.
 use this picture to guide you :)

2)you need to know what kind of slimming level you're needed
  • Medium slimming level - just enough compression action to smooth out your figure. for better fitting clothing
  • Super slimming level - re-shapes your body and flatten your tummy. good enough to make you look 'wow' for whole day
  • Super Duper slimming level  - super slenderizing effect and reduce you by 1 size!suitable for those who want to look super slender during very special occasion.
 3)Know your budget ;)

4) Go to provided link n choose the best SPANX for you!

FAQ 2 : What 's the BEST for TUMMY control [SPANX]

For me, there are 2 items that best for tummy control. They are:

No 1 : In-Power Line Super Higher Power

~Suitable for person with weight below 65kg
~Great to eliminate panty lines
~Slim up your butt and thighs. squeeze all your fat make you look slimmer!
~Slimming level : SUPER

No 2: Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-thigh Bodysuit

~Suitable for person with weight above 65kg
~Slim up your butt and thighs. squeeze and hide all your fat and bulges
~Make you look slimmer down by 1 size!
~Slimming level : SUPER DUPER

  • These 2 items I received so many positive comments.

what they do:
*it control your tummy,thigh and rear end
 *super comfortable material 
*is designed to stretch to fit 
*eliminate panty lines 
*prevent bulges on thighs n rear end
FAQ 3 : How to choose the best size for you. 

if you looking for body shaper (eg:in power line) all you need is your height and weight. If your size point in the middle of sizes such as between size 1/S/A and size 2/M/B, you need to choose size 1/S/A. Cause that will do the 'smaller effect' better than bigger size (2)..same goes if your size between size 2 and 3/L/C.

please refer the picture below to check your size.

if you looking for slimplicity, slim cognito,skinny britches, all you need is the size of your bust, waist and hips (in cm). if you're not sure where is bust,waist and bust u can refer to this pictures:

please refer the picture below to check your size.

FAQ 4 : When will I'll receive the item?

Answer : Once I order i will update you by email. and you can expect the item in 3-4 weeks. I will email you once the item arrive and ready to be post.


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