Easy Payment Plan (for pre-order items only)

You do not have to be worried if you think you cannot afford to buy SPANX. Because, for now on I provide an easy payment plan where you can pay in monthly instalment. Start with deposit payment for only RM50 and you can pay the rest in monthly instalment-depends on how long you need. However, the item will be post only after you finish the full payment :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Kita dah buka PRE-ORDER untuk APRIL 2016.  ni catalog utk brand Leonisa & Spanx yg BESTSELLER. 

Boleh DM di instagram (ig:kerryblogshop) and kalau x reply in one day kindly drop a comment on any pic sebab kekadang notification tak masuk atau email ke kerryblogshop@yahoo.com or whatapps +60132220841 for fast response. 

Kalau nak tanya banyak2 pun bolehh! Kita x marah punya hihi 

Cepat cepat sapa nak order. Deposit RM100!

 Sambil tu nak minta tolong para pembaca dikasihi berdoa yang nilai RM kita naik kembali. hopefully boleh la dapat macam dulu $1=RM2.80... boleh jual murah macam dulu kan?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


ASSALAMUALAIKUM,Lama tak bersiaran.. now kami aktif di Instagram, boleh search kerryblogshop di IG ya.

Kita dah buka PRE-ORDER untuk MARCH 2016.  ni catalog utk brand Leonisa & Spanx yg BESTSELLER.

Boleh DM di instagram ( kalau x reply in one day kindly drop a comment on any pic sebab kekadang notification tak masuk) atau email ke kerryblogshop@yahoo.com or whatapps +60132220841 for fast response. Kalau nak tanya banyak2 pun bolehh! Kita x marah punya hihi

Jangan terkejut tengok harga kejap murah kejap mahal, sebab kami ikut currency terkini ( dengan harapan jangan la nilai RM jatuh sampai awal Mac huhuhu)

Cepat cepat sapa nak order. Deposit RM100!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kerry's Blogshop is now on INSTAGRAM!!!!

Assalamualaikum n Hi,

lama tak update blog kan? well now kery more active on my fb page [click here] and instagram [click here]

Any inquiry, order or purchase kindly pm to my page or email me at kerryblogshop@yahoo.com :)

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan semua!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ingin kelihatan langsing di hari penting anda?

*sticky post

tiada masa utk diet? ingin sorokkan lemak2 yg menggeleber seperti di atas?

saya ada jawapannya!
ia mampu membuatkan anda kelihatan lansing sekelip mata! 
no no it's not PB :)
material yg sgt selesa
harga bermula dari Rm120  sehingga  RM400.
installment is provided.

email me at kerryblogshop@yahoo.com OR PM Kerry's blogshop page for personal consultation!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Leonisa: Slimming Braless Body Shaper with Thighs Slimmer

After baby or surgery, daily or for a night on the town! Sculpt your figure from upper tummy to thighs with the highest control, yet with the most refreshing, breathable material. Marvelous for its extra cuts and seams to smooth curves and nicely shape your hips and rear. Made of powernet for control and a soft, fast-drying material on the inside. Wear with your favorite bra. Put it on with ease with its ultra-flat no-show zipper closure. Harmonizes your curves and gives you that extra boost of confidence.

  • Shapes tummy, waist, back, rear and thighs
  • Made of powernet, a material with high resistance and durability that slims
  • Inner lining in elastic fabric that offers great breathability
  • High on back to control bulges and for support to maintain good posture
  • Open-bust to wear with your favorite bra
  • Ultra-flat special cuts and seams that refine curves and naturally lift rear
  • Ultra-flat invisible zipper closure with 3 inner hooks for ease
  • Optional, center strap to keep straps in place
  • Gusset opening
  • Wear this shaper post-surgical to quickly recover your body

Size available to order from XS to XXXL

Refer your size here:

positive reviews:

To purchase/order kindly pm my page

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Full Body Shaper @ Bodysuit

Hi Girls! here i list full body shaper with slimming level super & super duper! one style that cover multiple problem areas!

SPANX Slimplicity Open-bust Mid-thigh Bodysuit
slimming level SUPER

SPANX Skinny Britches Open-bust Mid-thigh Body
slimming level SUPER


Sunday, February 9, 2014

LEONISA : Seamless High Waist Shapewear with Thigh Compression

Have a sensation figure with this amazing shaper! Bodysuit shaper ends at your knees. Designed to wear strapless - wear with your favorite bra. Comfortably controls your entire torso and thighs. Different levels of compression in different areas of the body: stronger compression on outside of thighs and below rear, while there is no compression covering rear to avoid flattening. Made with seamless technology: no seams and lighter material for an invisible effect under clothing. No one will know you have it on!

Check your size:

Very positive reviews:


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