Easy Payment Plan (for pre-order items only)

You do not have to be worried if you think you cannot afford to buy SPANX. Because, for now on I provide an easy payment plan where you can pay in monthly instalment. Start with deposit payment for only RM50 and you can pay the rest in monthly instalment-depends on how long you need. However, the item will be post only after you finish the full payment :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

good news yay! yay!

eh, tak boleh excited sgt.barang tak sampai lagi.huhu..

dah dapat news,barang2 tu rupenye memang sampai sekali dari USA.but saye pun tak tahu la post malaysia gune rules ape.they need to send the parcels separately.bukan saya je jadi mangsa, ramai lagi yg order barang dari oversea kene macam tu..

so let pray n hopefully the 2nd parcel will arrive as soon as possible...

mintaa maaf utk kesulitan ini..


Faezah Zee

alhamdulillah, hopefully good news is continuous till the items safely arrived at our hand.. wink2!


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