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Friday, December 31, 2010

Kerry's Blog Shop Special Discount

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Hello my pretty buyers!

I received a lot of email asking for discount from me. frankly speaking i cannot give discount just like that.of course you have to do something for ME! muwahahahha *evil laugh*

So, for those who want DISCOUNTS , here are the rules

A) For bloggers

1) LINK me at your blog.
2)PROMOTE my blog/items from my blog at your blog. leave your link here.
3) MUST BE my previous customer or will be my customer

B) for non bloggers

you still can joins this, but what you should do:

1)ADD me at FB (check the link at the side bar)
2)PROMOTE my link at your FB n PLEASE TAG Kerry Blog Shop at your link (so easy for me to trace)
3)lastly, pls drop a comment at this post saying you already join/promote my link at your FB.

as simple as that! :)

How this work?

The discount will be reward to you ONLY when your friends/families ect purchase my item(s)! (of course as the result of your promotion). And the discount you'll get is the total of purchase from them. for example, your friend A, get the information from you and she purchase items with the total RM220 you'll will get 5% from RM220 (RM11)..if you get more friends purchase from me the more discount u can get!

do u understand? ok I explain in malay pulak :p

If A promote blogshop saya di blog/fb beliau, then kawan kepada A iaitu B dapat tahu pasal blog saya n B membeli sesuatu dari blog saya, A akan dapat 5% diskaun dari jumlah pembelian oleh B..contohnye B membeli barang berjumlah RM220 from me.. oleh itu, A akan dapat RM11 off for her next item.

if banyak buyer dari A,misalnya 10 buyers (B,C,D,E,F..K)..so die akan dapat 5% from the total of pembelian 10 buyers tersebut. let say kesemua jumlah pembelian 10 buyers tersebut adalah RM1000, oleh itu 5% x RM1000, A akan dapat RM50 off for her next item. ok paham tak? :D


for Buyers, don worry. I also have special discount for you as reward for your loyalty to mention my promoter's name :). n pls include the promoter's link when you deal with me ok? as simple as that!:). this one is secret, u will know the discount once you confirm your order with me.. :)

Oh BTW, this discount ONLY for ASSETS and SPANX product. pls take note that.

ok that's all. Thank you for reading! :)



miey anna

1- link - DONE
2- promoting - DONE
3- ur customer..yeay..

okeh akak,ni die link tau..


saye akan cube mempromosikannya..hehe =)

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1- link - DONE
2- promoting - DONE
3- ur customer- yet to be



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